Saturday, December 8, 2012

Early one morning;

Sunrise, My Garden in December;
Sunday 02/12/2012  4:22AM

©Photo Ts 



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  2. Sorry Ma'am, my comments came on twice, so I deleted the other one. As it turned out I deleted both. This format is new to me and I need some good practice to get my way around. What I wrote a while ago was a little ode:

    Heavens, oh my heavens!
    My great heavens!
    Look at that pinkish
    Of the early morning sky's cheeks!
    Such beauty of eternity!

  3. Inday; Thanks for your response; Love your ode! Glad you are well and it is wonderful that you have a baby grand daughter. Life goes on doesn't? Have a fine Christmas and a happy 2013.